Chief Director: Communications (Acting)

Mr. Kwanele Ncalane
Acting Chief Director: Communications
Tel: (033) 355 8744 / 8664
Cell: 0728031462 or 0796995755
Fax: (033) 355 8032

Ms. Zandile Ziqubu
Tel: (033) 355 8624 / 8744
Fax: (033) 355 8032

Ms. Gugu Sisilana
MEC’s Media Liaison Officer
Tel: (033) 355 8760
Cell: 082 889 3474
Fax: (033) 3428824

Mr. Kwanele Ncalane

Mr Kwanele Ncalane is the Acting Chief Director: Communications.

The key strategic objective of the Chief Directorate: Communications is to facilitate and improve communication by the Department with internal and external stakeholders, thereby achieving the strategic goal of good governance, with the specific aim of improved communication. Falling under the Chief Directorate are the Directorate: Media Liaison and Public Relations, and the Directorate: Communications Support.

The Directorate: Media Liaison and Public Relations’ primary purpose is to inform and create awareness that government is committed to improving the quality of life of people through addressing departmental/provincial priorities and Provincial Growth and Development Strategy objectives – through improved service delivery, good co-operative governance and integration of structures and services.

The Directorate: Communications Support’s primary purpose is to render communication support services to all other Directorates, through rendering a comprehensive communication material production and publishing service, and ensuring the availability of reliable and appropriate information material.