Application for Employment (Z83)


Instructions for Applicants

Applications must be submitted on the NEW Application for Employment Form, Z83 (obtainable on the internet at Applicants are advised that all fields of the new Z83 form are compulsory to complete and that the application should be signed. Should an application be received using the incorrect application for employment (Z83) or the application is not completed in full, initialed, dated and signed, such application will not be considered. The fully completed and signed Z83 must be accompanied by a detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV). Dates of starting and leaving employment must be given as DD/MM/YYYY.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for posts through the KZN online e-Recruitment system at or submit their Z83 application form and CV directly to the following email address Applicants may also visit any one of our Designated Online Application Centres (DOACs) where our friendly staff will assist you with applying for jobs on the KZN online e-Recruitment system or receiving your hardcopy application. You can find the list of Designated Online Application Centres (DOACS) at Please note that applicants should only use one of the following methods when applying for a post: either through the online e-Recruitment system, emailing the Z83 and CV directly to the relevant department/entity or submit a hardcopy application as directed).

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